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Today: October 18, 2019, 6:01

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Welcome to Sharon's Solution

  • All Purpose Stain Remover
  • QVC Top Rated Product

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Sharon's Solution is a unique product that will clean stubborn yellow stains so often found on antique linens and lace. Our product is also great for cleaning those difficult yellow deodorant stains.

Sharon's Solution will enable you to display your cherished linens throughout your home, as clean and bright and pristine as the day they were purchased.

Sharon's Solution is a great all purpose stain remover. It is a safe, gentle and effective way to clean all fabrics.

Detailed instructions on cleaning and storing your keepsakes are provided with your purchase of Sharon's Solution.
Professional Restoration Services Available
Wholesale Inquires welcomed
If you would like to contact us to have a Special Item Cleaned and Restored, Please email or call us Toll Free for More Information.

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How to Use the Product
This product is easy to use. Just mix the solution in hot water; when water is cool soak your item until the stain is completely removed.

» For more detailed instructions, click here to download the information