Restoring, Reusing and Preserving
Today: October 18, 2019, 6:10

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About Us

In 1983, I did a lot of English smocking and French hand sewing. It was then that I discovered a formula to clean vintage linens and antique lace - Sharon's Solution. I am now sharing this wonderful formula with you.

My goal is to introduce you to Sharon's Solution. This product is for all of you who would love to use your grandmother's old tablecloths, but cannot because of the ugly stains. In the past, you could cover a stain with a huge platter at Thanksgiving dinner. Now you can clean it at home with Sharon's Solution and have it as clean and bright as the day it was loomed.

I would find an old stained dress, remove the lace, soak it until it was pure white and then insert the lace onto a christening gown, naming gown or special baby dress. I have used this product for my own collection of antique tablecloths, bed linens and old family treasures.

I buy badly stained linens for a dime a dozen, soak them in Sharon's Solution, and enjoy displaying them in my home. I believe in using these beautiful keepsakes instead of storing them in the back of the linen closet or attic. Our family linens were once loved and enjoyed and very much used, so why not have them grace our homes today?

In addition to cleaning antique collectibles, Sharon's Solution is great at cleaning your stubborn, yellow deodorant stains. As I discovered with my own family, Sharon's Solution works great removing yellow deodorant stains on white T-shirts, dress shirts and tennis outfits. Golf shirts and visors come amazingly clean, especially the inside rim of your golf cap. You will be amazed at the results! It is the only product we know of that will take out yellow deodorant stains.