Restoring, Reusing and Preserving
Today: October 18, 2019, 6:34

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Directions & Tips

Before using Sharon’s Solution, pre-soak all items in cool soapy water to loosen the fabric and to remove any surface dirt.

In a plastic basin or plastic bucket (not the bath tub and not the washing machine) dissolve 6 tablespoons of Sharon's Solution in 1 gallon of hot water. When the water is cool, soak item until stains are COMPLETELY removed. Difficult stains may need several days to a week of soaking. For whites, you may double or triple the solution strength. The used solution may be used again to soak another item..

The strength of the solution can be adjusted depending on the stain or the size of your item. For small items, reduce the recipe by half. When soaking white undershirts or dress shirts with yellow deodorant stains, double or triple the solution strength.

If you have a large tablecloth with one stain, don't soak the entire tablecloth, just soak the stain. Once the stain is removed, make a fresh batch of Sharon's Solution and soak the entire tablecloth for uniform brightness.

Please note that Sharon’s Solution is a bleaching agent that is color safe when diluted. Always do a spot check on a small area to make sure colors do not run. Once the stain has been COMPLETELY removed, always rinse your items until the water is "clear enough to drink," as we say in the south. You may also put your item in the washing machine and use your rinse cycle.

Once your items are clean, always store collectible linens wrapped in acid free tissue paper and in an acid free box. Do NOT store in plastic wrap or newspaper.

Store Sharon's Solution in a cool, dry area away from the heat.

This product is safe for linen, cotton, polycotton blends, and washable silk such as damask and some satins. It is not recommended for dry clean only silk or wool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long do I have to soak the fabric in Sharon’s Solution?

a. You must soak the fabric until the stain is completely gone. This may be overnight for newer stains or it may take several days to get out very old stains.

2) Can I use Sharon’s Solution in the washing machine?

a. No. I recommend a plastic basin or bucket

3) Can I increase the solution strength?

a. Yes. For whites, deodorant stains, and very old stains you can double or triple the solution strength.

4) Is Sharon’s Solution safe to use on colored fabrics?

a. Yes. Always check for colorfastness.

5) Is Sharon’s Solution safe to use on very old linens?

a. Yes. It will not deteriorate the fabric.

6) What fabrics are safe for soaking in Sharon’s Solution?

a. Linen, cotton, poly cotton blends, and washable silk such as damask. It is not recommended for dry clean only silk or wool.

7) Does Sharon’s Solution have a long shelf life?

a. Yes. 6-10 years. Store in a dry area away from high heat.

8) Can I clean a wedding dress that has seed pearls and beading?

a. Some of the pearls found on wedding dresses are painted. The paint can peel off of the pearl and these should be removed before soaking. Also remove cloth covered shank buttons; some have metal under the fabric which may have started to rust over the years.

9) How do I wash fabrics with embroidery?

a. Sharon’s Solution is safe on colors but always spot check for colorfastness before soaking embroidered pieces.

10) Once I have cleaned my linens and collectibles in Sharon’s Solution, what is the best way to store them?

a. Always store fine linens, lace, baby clothes, wedding gowns and veils in acid free tissue paper and an acid free box.

For any questions or comments about Sharon’s Solution, please call: 800-601-7070.